October 04, 2010

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August 28, 2010

The Beatles, Most Creative Band of All Time

BACKGROUND HISTORY: The first musical bands originated in New Orleans among black musicians who have traditionally been the innovators. The first jazz record ever recorded was by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band in 1917, and of course they were white because racism always rears its ugly head to hold black people back. But during the Roaring 20's, young white people couldn't resist the dance beat laid down by the black jazz bands. 

Fletcher Henderson, a black man, became the first band leader to achieve national fame possibly because he featured Louis Armstrong on trumpet. Duke Ellington, a classically trained musician, brought a level of style and sophistication to jazz that hadn't been seen before. But it wasn't until 1935 that jazz bands with a "swing beat" achieved national attention due to Benny Goodman who I think was the best clarinet player ever to blow air into that instrument. Benny also had the good sense and taste to bring the first great drummer, Gene Krupa, into his band.

August 19, 2010

Plastic Film Industry, Food Industry

Plastic film is used extensively for a variety of foods, beverages flexible packaging. According to statistics, food flexible packaging flexible packaging sales in excess of 56% of total sales. China's "Hunger breeds discontent," the traditional concepts and children, the elderly the stability of the two major consumer groups, so that one of the food packaging market potential is enormous. China's food industry has continued to maintain rapid and healthy development momentum, with a total of all industrial sectors for many years occupied the top of the national economy, in the national economy plays an important role. 

A variety of plastic film for food packaging market, the rapid growth played a different role. A variety of fresh produce, pet food, meat, poultry, seafood,  fast food products such as fast-growing market for plastic food packaging market is continually expanding; Fresh Food Packaging As people live, work pace continues to accelerate rapidly in recent years become a growing market, thus promoting the plastic wrap with a variety of feature film market development; plastic flexible packaging, while both functional and easy to access, easy to re-sealed packaging such as convenience features, combined with the market demand for a single service, as well as the products and fresh fruit packaging market expansion of plastic film market development has become one of the engines; 

The form of product packaging from the original cans into a separate bag, but also for plastic packaging provide a new opportunity for development; as raising the level of graphic design, product differentiation strengthening of pouch packaging as well as the importance of retail, seafood food on the impact of plastic packaging industry is also gradually increased. It is different from the fast food industry to promote, so that expanding the amount of plastic film applications. 

With the life, accelerating the pace of work, people have made an increasing number of food packagingrequirements, such as packaging versatility, convenience packaging, preservation, packaging and so become a new type of plastic flexible packaging of the basic requirements. At the same time, continuously higher performance features to meet the requirements for promoting the development of plastic packaging market, the fundamental driving force. 

Preservation, and packaging is the most basic requirement of food packaging. How to ensure the freshness of food as long as possible period of plastic film research and development priorities. U.S. scientists have invented a method of steaming with the plasma coated in plastic bottles to form a layer of soft polyester film, enabling bottle packs to keep food fresh. U.S. hercules company also introduced a new packaging material can be controlled with the function of the gas. This new material with small pores, can package oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange control, slow down the exchange rate, so as to achieve suppression of respiration fruits and vegetables, to fresh results.

Tianjin, China National Engineering Research Center for Preservation of agricultural products were successfully developed a nano-thin film preservation, and has passed technical appraisal. By the China National Test Center measured the amount of water vapor, through and through the coefficient, physical and mechanical strength and other indicators are in line with national health inspection standards to address the traditional varieties of fruit and vegetable wrap a single, poor ventilation, not mildew  shortcomings.

With the accelerating pace of people's lives, a variety of convenient packaging technology continues to favor by the market. Self-heating, self-cooling packaging is more convenient packaging can be described as a typical technology. With the green growing louder and louder, packaging functionality to meet under the premise of minimizing the amount of garbage generated, so that packaging film, packaging containers to the lightweight, super - thinning is especially important direction. In the lightweight, ultra-thin-oriented trend, in order to better meet the needs of different functional packaging films, compound co-extruded into the center of attention in recent years.

Production of high-barrier multi-layer co-extruded, multi-functionalflexible plastic packaging materials developed in recent years has become a hot spot at home and abroad, and the emergence of new products and new technologies. Not only high barrier film, multi-functional plastic wrap, sterile packaging films have developed rapidly, the original composite film technology is also being a deeper level. In recent years, China's film co-extruded technology has greater development, such as Guangdong Jinming Plastics Equipment Corporation developed five-layer co-extruded high barrier film coextrusion blow molding machine blow molding technology, such as Chinese-made equipment has been on the market.

Biaxially oriented film is also promoting the film market in recent years, the rapid development of an important part of. Two-way stretch and composite coextrusion technologies enable them to become functional as an important means of film production in recent years, the Chinese market is developing rapidly.

August 13, 2010

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August 11, 2010

Playing Free BMX Games Online

Following the craze for BMX bike riding, fans and followers of the sport seek for more ways to become involved and be a part of the sport. A great number of BMX bike fans eagerly wait for the X Games on ESPN in order to see the latest and more daring stunts be played out by the pros. The BMX bike industry grows larger say by day. Today, BMX bikes are lighter, stronger and custom made for every discipline. Some don't even have brakes, as specified for the trail freestyle discipline. Another way in which BMX fans get involved is by playing free BMX games online.

Playing free BMX games online remains the easiest and cheapest way to get involved with the sport. It only requires a personal computer and an Internet connection. The eager player would go online and perform a simple search for BMX games on his favorite search engine. A search for the term is likely to yield thousands of results. There are all kinds of resources online related to BMX bikes as a sport. The player would need to weed out the unwanted stuff like stores, blogs, and useless pages in order to click on a BMX game related website. Usually, seekers of BMX games will only need to find a couple of these websites before making their choice. This is due to the fact that arcade websites contain links in the footer and on the side bar which will redirect the player to other similar content pages, thus reducing the need to keep looking.

These games follow the general characteristics and rules of the real thing. Many of these multimedia applications are created with a specific discipline in mind like Trail, Park, or Vert. depicting the appropriate terrain like the country side, a half pipe, or a skateboarding ramp. The player will need to become familiar with the general characteristics of each discipline, if he has not already done so, in order to be successful at playing BMX games online. The good news are that these online games are complete free to play for as long as you, no money will be requested from the player ever. No injuries will be acquired by playing BMX games online either, even if the rider forgets to put on his protective gear, which is often the case.

By playing free online BMX games, fans will become aware of the terminology of the sport, being able to talk about half pipes, vert, grinds, and side pegs. They'll be much more confident when hitting the streets and approaching other kids who have been at this for a while. These online games is also an activity which players may share with family and friends just for the sake of a good time.
Enter the exciting world of free BMX games online. Try all your favorite stunts by playing bmx stunt games and ride like the pros at BMXgames123.com

August 10, 2010

Find Songs Colection On The Internet

Internet is a means to collect and divide the work, in this songs collections. but how do you to get all of that, please read the instructions below

  1. Take stock of everything you know about the song: title, composer, performer, instrumentation and any lyrics you can remember.
  2. If you know the composers/performers, go to their websites. My Artist Netlinks page lists many, and I also have listings for several useful artist indexes. Many songwriter sites have lyrics. Some have chords, sound samples (usually Real Audio) and/or MP3s.
  3. Traditional songs and public domain children's songs are the easiest to find since anyone can publish them legally. Try the resources on my Traditional Music and Song Indexes pages. Several of these sites have lyrics and MIDI versions of the tunes that will play on your computer without any fancy software.
  4. If you have a name or part of a lyric, you can use a search engine like Google or Altavista. You can either enter a few key words or type in a distinctive phrase by putting quotation marks around it. You'll be surprised how often this works.
  5. When searching, choose words or names that are as unusual/distinctive as possible. This will ensure more direct hits. For example, to find lyrics to Dave Carter's song "Tanglewood Tree" at Google.com, enter "Tanglewood Tree" Carter lyrics. At altavista.com, you'd type "Tanglewood Tree" or +tanglewood +Carter +lyrics. For a song like "The Queen and the Soldier, you might try "secret burning thread". Up pops lyrics for Suzanne Vega's songs.
  6. If you know the artist, try searching for lyrics to a more popular song. This may turn up a site that has several songs by the same artist.
  7. If a search engine doesn't work directly, it's time to start combing through my lists of online song collections. Some collections or Indexes have songs by many artists - You'll find them under Song Collections. Others are dedicated to a single artist - you'll find some of them listed here.
  8. If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, you can take more desperate measures: Ask someone!
  9. E-mail one of the many newsgroups or mailing lists. There are several that might be appropriate, but the biggest, longest-running group is the Folk Music List moderated by Alan Rowoth. Anyone can post to this one - others you have to join first. See my Mailing List links.
  10. If you know who wrote or recorded the song, go to the appropriate artist webpage and e-mail the contact person with your question. Sometimes the artist him/herself will respond gladly.
  11. If the artist doesn't have a site, try the site of their record company or management. I have a page of record label websites.
  12. Call or e-mail the folk DJ on the radio station where you heard the song. DJs keep playlists and most have a phonographic memory of nearly everything they play. Provide all information you can remember, especially what day/time you heard it.

  1. When sending e-mail to a person or newsgroup, never never attach a sound file unless specifically asked. It crashes or slows down the mail and no one will open an attachment from someone they don't know anyway.
  2. If you're looking for the sheet music or chords/lyrics to a song, be prepared to find out that you have to buy it. Remember, this is how songwriters make their living.

Statistic Rastia Blog

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Personal Blogs
Personal Blogs

Personal Blog

I was a woman who was set up and manage a blog. at first I think this is a very difficult thing to do, but in reality very slowly and continue to learn to make my form the familiar and easy so all alone.

has the blogs is a matter of pride for me, a lot of things and experiences gained from there. information, friends, companions and scientific insight that flows just this really is something amazing.

At first I did not ever know what meta tags, widgets, post, blogwallking, backlinks, and all terms BlogSphere world. all would be if tried. rastia blog that takes a description of the Personal blog, Life Style, Diary, Games, and Songs Collection   is my first blog that I will manage as much as possible.

I know that human beings have different capacities and different goals in creating a blog. rastia hopefully someday be able to become a blog that will be counted Blogsphere presence in the world. spend the time with staring at the monitor and manage the blog become a fun new activity.

May be BlogSphere world  able to motivate me to get a successful blogger predicates someday. Thanks for attentiaon, happy blogging.

Love Story

Once, on a small island there lived a variety of abstract objects LOVE, sadness, joy, wealth, beauty, and so forth. They coexist well. But one day, come storm menghempas small islands and sea water suddenly rose and would sink the island. All the inhabitants of the island quickly tried to save themselves. LOVE is very confused because he can not swim and did not have a boat. He stood on the beach trying to find help. Meanwhile, the rising water soaking her feet.

Shortly LOVE to see the wealth being paddled the boat, "Wealth! Wealth! Help me!, "Cried LOVE" Ouch! Sorry, LOVE!, "Said property" and I can not take this boat later sank. Moreover, there is no place anymore for you in this boat. "Then the wealth quickly went paddling his boat. LOVE very sad, but then he saw the joy over the boat. "Fun! Help me!, "Shouted LOVE. But the excitement was too happy because he found the boat so he could hear the screams LOVE. The higher the water soaked to the waist and LOVE LOVE increasingly frantic.

Not long pass over beauty "Beauty! Take me with you!, "Cried LOVE" Wow, LOVE your wet and dirty. I can not take you away. Later you contaminate this beautiful boat, "says beauty. LOVE was so sad to hear that. He began sobbing. It was then that through the sadness "Oh sorrow, bawlah me with you!," Said Love. "Sorry LOVE. I'm sad and I want to be alone .., "said grief while continuing to pedal boat. LOVE desperate.

He felt the water getting up and going to drown. At that critical moment suddenly came the sound "LOVE! Let's quickly climbed into my boat! "LOVE turned toward the voice and quickly climbed into the boat, just before the water drowning. On the nearest island, LOVE the boat down and immediately left again. At that moment, Love realized that he did not know who helped him. LOVE immediately asked the inhabitants of the island. "What had been a TIME," said the resident was "But why did he save me? I did not recognize him. Even my friends who knew me were reluctant to help "LOVE asked surprised" For WAKTULAH ONLY KNOW HOW MUCH ARE THE REAL VALUE OF LOVE THAT "

Modern Lifestyle

Lifestyle described the "whole person" who interact with their environment (in sakinah Kottler, 2002). According Susanto (in Nugrahani, 2003) life-style is a combination of self-expression needs and expectations of the group against a person in the act based on prevailing norms. Therefore many kinds of lifestyles are known to develop in society today such as hedonic lifestyle, life style metropolis, a global lifestyle and others.

Plummer (1983) lifestyle is a way of life in individuals who are identified by how people spend their time (activities), what they consider important in life (interests) and what they think about the world around them. Adler (in Hall & Lindzey, 1985) suggests that lifestyle is the most influential on attitudes and behavior of people in relation to three main things in life ie work, friendship, and love while Sarwono (1989) states that one of the factors that influence lifestyle is the concept of self.

Hawkins (in Nugroho, 2002) which says that the pattern of life associated with money and time carried out by someone associated with the decision. People who already take a decision next step is action.

People who have already made the decision to seek pleasure from money held as a real activity for shopping at the mall or supermarket, of course, to give added value from the shop in regular stores. The use of time with a lifestyle of individual creativity in utilizing the time available for activities that are useful or fun events.

According to the SRI International (1989), one example is the VALS psychographic segmentation 2. In the second VALS (Values and Life Style), there are two dimensions that is the weight, namely self orientation and resources. Resources which are intended not merely material, but in the broad sense that includes the means and capacities of psychological, physical, and demographics. In consumer behavior driven by self-orientation "principle, there are three categories, namely, the status and action.

Self-orientation, which is based on principle, means that the decision to buy based on his belief. so the decision to buy not just because of me-too or just to chase prestige. This type may be regarded as more rational, while anchored to the status, the decision to consume is dominated by what anyone says. Branded products to be chosen. For those relying on the action, the decision to consume based on the desire for social and physical activity, get a break or face the risk.

Based on the above description can be concluded that lifestyle is the lifestyle of a person in the world in expressing the activity, interest, opinion and self-dimensional orientation lifestyle includes three categories: principles, status, action.

Lifestyle Forms
According to Chaney (in Idi Subandy, 1997) have some form of lifestyle, among others:
a. Lifestyle Industry
In the century lifestyle, appearance of self-experience that just estetisisasi, "estetisisasi everyday life" and even the body / self (body / self) also experienced a estetisisasi body. Body / self and everyday life becomes a project, seed seeding lifestyle. "You're stylish, then you have!" Is a phrase that might be suitable to describe the style of modern human fondness. That's why lifestyle industry for most of the industrial looks.
b. Lifestyle Advertising
In modern society, many companies (corporations), politicians, individuals all obsessed with image. In the current era of globalization of information like this, which plays a major role in shaping the culture of the image (image culture) and cultural taste ("taste culture) is an advertising assault that offers a visual style that is sometimes breathtaking and intoxicating. Lifestyles represented ad by subtly inculcate (Subtle) the importance of self-image to appear in public. Ads are also slowly but surely affect the taste choices we make.
c. Public Relations and journalism Lifestyle
Thought the latest in the world of promotion to the conclusion that the culture-based celebrity (celebrity-based culture), the celebrities helping in the formation of the identity of contemporary consumers. In a consumer culture, identity becomes a backrest "fashion accessory." Faces a new generation of children known as the E-Generation, to be like this now considered to be formed through a celebrity-inspired identity (celebrity-inspired identity), their way of surfing in cyberspace (the Internet), how they mutually fashion to street- road. This means that the celebrity and their image is used the moment to moment to help consumers in the identity parade.

d. Independent Lifestyle
Independence is being able to live without relying absolutely on to something else. For that needed the ability to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of self, as well as the advantages and disadvantages berstrategi to reach its destination. Reason is a tool to strategize. Responsible for the conscious intention to make changes and understand betuk any risk that will happen and be ready to bear the risk and the discipline will form an independent lifestyle. With an independent lifestyle, the culture of consumerism is no longer imprison people. Humans will be free and independent country for its choice in a responsible manner, and generate creative innovations to support autonomy.
e. Lifestyle hedonists
Hedonist lifestyle is a life pattern of activity to seek pleasure of life, like spending more time outside the home, more playing, happy in the city, happy to buy expensive goods are his favorite, and always wanted to be the center of attention.
From the above description can be concluded that the shape of a lifestyle can be a life style of an appearance, via media advertisements, which in the modeling of the artist's idol, a lifestyle that only a mere pursuit of pleasure to an independent lifestyle that requires reasoning and responsibility in a pattern of behavior.

Factors Affecting Lifestyle
Armstrong's opinion (in Nugraheni, 2003) a person's life style can be seen from the behavior undertaken by individuals such as activities to obtain or use of goods and services, including decision-making process for the determination of these activities.
Furthermore, Armstrong (in Nugraheni, 2003) states that the factors that affect a person's life style there are two factors, such as originating from within the individual (internal) and factors originating from outside (external).

The internal factors include attitudes, experiences and observations, personality, self-concept, motives, and perception (Nugraheni, 2003) with the following explanation:
a.Sikap. Attitude means a state of soul and state of thought which is prepared to provide a response to an object which is organized through experience and directly influence on behavior. Mental state is highly influenced by the customs, traditions, culture and social environment.
b.Pengalaman and observations. Experiences can influence the behavior of social observation, the experience can be obtained from all actions in the past and can be learned, through studying people will be able to gain experience. Results from the social experience will be able to form a view of an object.
c.Kepribadian. Personality is the configuration of individual characteristics and ways of behaving that determine differences in the behavior of each individual.
d.Konsep themselves. Other factors that determine an individual's personality is the concept of self. The concept itself has become very widely known approach to describe the relationship between self-concept of consumers with brand image. How individuals view themselves will affect the interest of an object. The concept of self as the core of the personality will determine the pattern of individual behavior in dealing with life problems, because the concept itself is a frame of reference that became the beginning of behavior.
e. Motif. Behavior of individuals arise because of the motive needs to feel safe and the need for prestige is a few examples of the motif. If the motive of a person against the need for greater prestige that it will establish a lifestyle that tends to lead to a hedonistic lifestyle.
f. Perception. Perception is the process whereby a person chooses, regulate, and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world.

The external factors are described by Nugraheni (2003) as follows:
a. Reference group. Reference groups are groups that provide direct or indirect influence on attitudes and behavior. Groups that provide direct influence is the group where the individual is a member and interact with each other, while groups that provide indirect effect is the group where the individual does not become a member within the group. These influences will confront individuals on a specific behavior and lifestyle.
b. Family. Family plays a role in the formation of the largest and longest individu.Hal attitude and behavior pattern of care is because parents will form the habit of children which indirectly affect the pattern of his life.
c. Social class. Social class is a group of relatively homogeneous and durable in a society, which are arranged in a sequence of levels, and members in every level that has values, interests, and the same behavior. There are two main elements in the social system of class division in society, namely the position (status) and role. Social standing means a place someone in a social environment, the prestige of his rights and obligations. Social status and this can be achieved by someone with a business that deliberately or acquired by birth. The role is a dynamic aspect of the position. If individuals exercising their rights and obligations in accordance with the position he is running a role.
d. Culture. Culture which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, customs, and habits acquired individuals as members of the public. Culture consists of everything that is learned from the patterns of normative behavior, including the characteristics of thinking, feeling and acting.

Based on the above description can be concluded that the factors that influence lifestyle comes from within (internal) and outside (external). Internal factors include the attitudes, experiences and observations, personality, self-concept, motives, and perception. The external factors include reference groups, family, social class, and culture.

1. Understanding Clubbing
Clubbing is a young man typical jargon term that means an evening of nuanced world of freedom, expressive, modern, technological, hedonistic, and metropolis konsumeristik promising all kinds of fun sasaat (Prime, 2004). Through clubbing especially young people feel to find the identity, where they can "pranced" sebebasnya, drank alcohol and drugs, giggling until morning, then come home drunk and tired. Through their clubbing can find bergaulnya community. In short clubbing is just having fun, just a rah-rah and requires a lot of money.

Clubbing is really identical with the life of the metropolitan community. Not only become part of the lifestyle, but also a means of socializing, even lobbying business. First clubbing is always associated with stomping music that can make people late in the atmosphere. Along the development of times, clubbing experience many shifts because not everyone likes such music. In essence uproar noisy atmosphere is no longer the main attraction. Many entertainment places in Jakarta, leaving the concept of discotheques and switch on the concept of restaurant and lounge that is more attractive consumers aged 25-35 years. Attendance Resto and lounges are scattered in Jakarta does not mean roll mat a few places that really are designed for the hobby take the floor with music of a DJ or Disc Jockey (www.bintang.com)

The number of night spots continues to grow. Market saturation make the bid should be different from the concept which has been operating. HL is one of the favorite places clubbers clubbing in Jakarta, on late-night clubbers, especially when discotime begins at 11 PM tenpat this is always crowded. The entertainment business is very smart to draw the attention of clubbers by providing diverse facilities that became a trend setter for the night among the society, for example by freeing the women cover charge fees and let them fully clubbing to the women who came booming and men will place the bait to come. In addition to providing free flow of vodka and champagne for ladies all night (to drink vodka and champgne for ladies all night), even more daring is to sell a program that smells sexy, sexual, which became the main focus (www.popular.maj.com) .
Customs and traditions of the past completely displaced by the rapid growth of the world. With the advancement of knowledge and technology of industrialism. Western nations successfully merangsak eastern nations (especially the march of Islam) with which its products carrying the colors of the western culture which contrasted sharply with the nation east of morality and religiosity. For example with the fashion trend is showing off aurat, dentum music that stimulates the heart to God's negligence, pampering scene free sex lust demons to technological tools that require social solidarity. All products in bulk are in fact promoted a new form of neo-colonialism kolonisme. Ironically, most of us especially the clubbing is completely unaware of the threats of morality and dignity of the invasion, just to establish himself as the worshipers and slaves from the colonial capitalism which is in accordance with their ideology just having fun.
Based on the above explanation can be concluded that the clubbing is an activity to come and enjoy the atmosphere, menus with entertainment, food and drinks at night entertainment venues freedom of nuanced, expressive, modern, technological, hedonistic, and metropolis konsumeristik promising all kinds of excitement for a moment .

2. Performer Clubbing
The majority of the clubbers are young people who have socio-economic status is good enough. This is apparent from the material needs that sustain the clubbing activities that clearly require extra funds. Starting from the selection of branded clothing, property, vehicles, clubbing until the device itself (Perdana.2004).
Also according to Susanto (2001), the consumer or the perpetrators of clubbing is not just the young people who notabennya as school and university students, but young executives, successful entrepreneurs, and even housewives have also become the perpetrators of clubbing.
Based on the above explanation can be concluded that the perpetrators of clubbing that the majority come from the young generation, young executives, successful entrepreneurs and housewives who were also there to clubbing.

3. Factors Affecting Clubbing
The clubbers are logical in this context is the plagiarist who imported the raw lifestyle of the western world into their social lives. Among the clubbers, there are three narratives that are always underlying outlook and behavior, ie, slang, funcy, and happy all of which landed on a grand narratives (grand naration) ie gensi. Not clear who began asking and popularizing the term, here Prime (2004) in his book entitled "clubbing: expressions of love, sex, and identity" to explain the third form of narrative expression. These are all factors that influence the younger generation do clubbing. The factor-the factor is:
a. "Gaul", the term "slang" is derived from the raw word "hang" or "association" is a social system which is formed through interaction, communication and social contact that involves more than one person. But in the clubbing community, the term "slang" not again become the "media socialization" to complement the nature of humanity, but most of them have become "ground impingement lust." Most forms of "slang" is actually a gateway for generations of adherents of the birth of free sex, drug addicts, prostitutes and criminals to the social.
b. Funcy, funcy in axiological terms without debating epitemologisnya discourse, the term funcy always embedded in the term "slang". Purport funcy always dipertautkan with other forms of experimentation that without a clear foundation of the argument, simply look for sensations and emotions impingement uncontrolled soul. This can be seen from the results of their experimentation in terms of costumes, vehicles, physical and lifestyle.
c. Happy, happy term comes from the English language, which means happy, always happy. By "associate", to interact and mingle in communities of color "hang" her, young people feel to find the right identity with the tastes and soul of his youth than what is obtained from the family environment. They feel they find true happiness here is free to do anything, lots of friends, including her sexual libido free channel the surge. But the happiness they get is a false happiness.

Clubbing is one of today's lifestyle as a result of adoption of the western countries. Someone did clubbing there will most likely inspired the lives of celebrities, famous people, people who work in the field intertainmen in obtaining pleasure. Clubbing is seen by individuals as a modern lifestyle. Piliang (2006) states that the individual in following the modern lifestyle is influenced by internal factors and external factors.

Internal factors are factors coming from within the individual associated with the interest and encouragement for someone to perform the desired activities in accordance with the feelings of the heart. In addition, the individual doing the clubbing internal factors influenced attitudes. It is more likely related to the personality of the individual in determining whether a phenomenon encountered in life (Piliang, 2006).
Followed by Piliang (2006) that ektern factors outside the individual factors that may affect attitudes and behaviors of individuals in everyday life. These external factors are distinguished on family factors and social environmental factors. Factors are less harmonious family environment have an impact on family members to seek pleasure outside the house and clubbing is a choice for those seeking pleasure. The social environmental factors are social factors of individuals in everyday activities. Individuals who have no fixed nature of establishment will be easily influenced by social circumstances, where individuals perform daily living activities. If the social environment cenderunng in the life of clubbing, then there is most likely the individual is also entered in an environment that enjoys clubbing lifestyle.

Based on the above description can be concluded that the factors that influence young people to do the clubbing is internal and external factors. Arising from internal factors related to individual interests, motivations, and attitudes (for funcy and happy life). As for external factors originating from the family environment and social environment (associated with the interaction of individuals).

August 08, 2010

Play Game Online Idol Street

Idol Street dance is a virtual 3D online game with a casual style that has the theme of Music, Fashion & Dance as its main feature. Dance simulation game genre has a quality 3D graphics are close to a real person or as the original. So the players can create and shape their character models in accordance with the image they want.

Music, Fashion, Dance.....
With virtual design a modern, players can enjoy a relaxing music, dance like a professional dancer original motion to shopping and dressing up like a superstar. And very easy to play controls that give comfort in play while interacting with other players. You can be met and became acquainted with the whole Idol in Indonesia. Obviously there are still many other entertainment features in the world of Idol Street, a world full of dreams and ideals - ideals. Create the image, express your style and kreasikan dance, be a Super Idol. Idol Street Is the Modern Game Lifestyle!

Idol Story....
World Idol Street, a virtual world that resembles the real world. In Idol Street, every population is very loved dance, and together - as they seek both vying to become a 'Super Idol'. Especially with the "Idol Street Cup" which will be coming soon.The story begins with your idol as a normal teenager, who then inadvertently seorangagen will meet with a talent scout from "Marilyn Elite Agency." An elite agency that was founded by Marilyn Ann, figures and famous idol has successfully developed a talent - young talent. Furthermore, these agents will be invited and then recruit you to become a candidate for a future Idol.

You will join as one candidate for Idol in the agency and a visit to the Idol studio. There you'll get some exercises to test the exam to become an Idol beginner level. After you pass through a series of tests, adventures to be the Idol who actually begins. Are You The Next Idol Street?!

August 07, 2010

Changes for the future

Start today I tried to make changes slowly to change the language of this blog use English. This all started from my intention to learn English. Not easy to do all these all need a gradual process. For the initial changes in the language I use google translete then I convert it into Microsoft Word for grammar corrections.

For rastia friend not to worry because   Rastia Blog have a translator widgets provided in the upper right. This change represents an early stage as learning to get accustomed. as we all know that the English language has an important role in life now, and future. hopefully with this change provides a motivation for us all. and finally this Changes for the future. Thanks...

August 04, 2010

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Tiada terasa bulan nan suci telah didepan mata, bulan penuh hikmah, bulan penuh pengampunan. Marhaban ya ramadhan....segala puji bagi ALLAH yang telah memberi umur panjang sehingga kita dipertemukan pada bulan ramadhan tahun 2010 ini. Menjalankan ibadah puasa, sholat tarawih menjadi kerinduan - kerinduan yang selalu dinanti - nantikan saat kembalinya.

July 13, 2010

When Busyness Come Greet

Time passed so quickly through second by second without giving a little extension. Twenty-four hours was so quickly filled day - my day, accompanying every movement activities increasingly crowded. When the bustle came to greet the next 24 hours I feel it is very short. Busy with work activities, lectures, exams, doing a college assignment which progressively accumulate solid, and much else to do all of whom spent a lot of energy and time.

All people must have felt the same when it comes rushing to greet. Tired, tired, not even the rarely run out of enthusiasm. Here's what I'm feeling these days and for some time to come. Hmmm .... the spirit was sometimes missing at the time that I do not want and tired of this would ever come. But this should not be allowed to go on - late, I have tried to rise from this defeat, I must cultivate the spirit to face all this busyness.

My friend, if you have a myriad of spirit .... pour me a particle of that spirit that I was able to muster the energy to get through this fatigue. When the bustle came to say hello I'll deal with it ......

July 04, 2010

Nonton TV Online Di Mivo TV

Nonton TV Online Di Mivo TV, siapa takut.....
hmmm karena sering banget ngabisin waktu dengan mlotot depan layar monitor sambil online  akhirnya kefikiran buat nyari script biar bisa nonton TV online sambil nge-blog kan seru kan, ibarat kata nyelam sambil nyari ikan gitu dech. Bisa nonton bola, dengerin lagu - lagu baru wesss..mantep dah! Setelah mengembara kemana - mana wuih...dalem! akhirnya dapet juga script buat nonton TV online di Mivo TV. (sstttt...padahal scriptnya dikasih sama si gie sahabatku hihi...)

Gie bilang script ini dapet langsung dari salah satu website penyedia TV online indonesia gratis,  Mivo TV , dan katanya juga ga buat berat blog. Di Mivo TV ini disediakan 5 chanel stasiun TV, ada RCTI, TRANS TV, SCTV, GlOBAL TV, & MIVO TV sendiri yang menyuguhkan musik - musik hebatnya. Oh iya ada persyaratan tersendiri agar bisa nonton TV online di Mivo TV, kalo mo liat nech disini. Disana cuma menjelaskan spesifikasi yang harus dipenuhi mulai dari setting media browser, kecepatan internet dan sebagainya dan sebagainya. Nah kalo udah memenuhi kriteria kita pasti bisa nonton TV online di Mivo TV, seperti ini nech.....

By: Bunglon Blog Indonesia

Akhirnya, selamat Nonton TV Online Di Mivo TV, eit...jangan lupa kasih komen yach...terimakasih..

July 03, 2010

Catatan Rastia

Alhamdulillah, puji syukur kepada allah swt atas segala nikmat yang telah diberikannya hingga saat ini. Akhirnya setelah melalui beberapa tahap pembelajaran dan pemahaman rastia mencoba untuk belajar berkarya dan meramaikan dunia blogger indonesia. Awalnya kemauan itu hanya menjadi angan - angan hingga akhirnya support sahabat - sahabat rastia memberikan sebuah keberanian dan keyakinan buat rastia. Thanks for all...

Rastia Blog lahir pada 1 juli 2010, sebagai seorang pemula di dunia blogger tentu masih banyak hal - hal yang harus rastia pelajari agar nantinya blog sederhana ini mampu tumbuh menjadi dewasa dan dapat diterima di tengah - tengah masyarakat blogger indonesia. Selanjutnya rastia ingin menyampaikan ucapan terimakasih kepada sahabat baik  rastia yang mempunyai andil besar hingga terciptanya blog  ini.

Special thanks to:
Gie admin : Bunglon Blog Indonesia
yang sudah meluangkan waktu dan tenaganya untuk memberi pengarahan, pembelajaran dan mendisainkan sebuah template untuk Rastia Blog dengan sentuhan minimalis yang cantik, ditambah dengan berbagai fasilitas - fasilitas yang sudah sisipkankan di dalamnya yang memberikan nuansa menarik dan kemudahan tersendiri buat rastia dalam proses penggunaannya. Thank for everything, you are the best friend I ever had.

Dan akhirnya inilah Rastia Blog dengan kesederhanaanya hadir ditengah - tengah dunia blogger indonesia. Salam hangat dari rastia. cool

Rastia Blog

June 29, 2010

Link And Banner Excange

For those of you who want to exchange links with Rastia Blog please to leave the confirmation on the comment box. I will soon be approved, then please put a link Rastia Blog with the format as below.

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