August 10, 2010

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I was a woman who was set up and manage a blog. at first I think this is a very difficult thing to do, but in reality very slowly and continue to learn to make my form the familiar and easy so all alone.

has the blogs is a matter of pride for me, a lot of things and experiences gained from there. information, friends, companions and scientific insight that flows just this really is something amazing.

At first I did not ever know what meta tags, widgets, post, blogwallking, backlinks, and all terms BlogSphere world. all would be if tried. rastia blog that takes a description of the Personal blog, Life Style, Diary, Games, and Songs Collection   is my first blog that I will manage as much as possible.

I know that human beings have different capacities and different goals in creating a blog. rastia hopefully someday be able to become a blog that will be counted Blogsphere presence in the world. spend the time with staring at the monitor and manage the blog become a fun new activity.

May be BlogSphere world  able to motivate me to get a successful blogger predicates someday. Thanks for attentiaon, happy blogging.

3 Respons:

Bunglon Blog Indonesia said...

hmmm memiliki sebuG BLOG memang mempunyai banyak manfaat tergantung bagaimana kita mengelolanya
Good Job :)

Cinta said...

Mampir malam cantik,
blog merupakan curahan hati ladang uang dan segala macam fungsi..:P

News said...

absen malam....
selamat berpuasa mohon maaf lahir batin

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