August 10, 2010

Love Story

Once, on a small island there lived a variety of abstract objects LOVE, sadness, joy, wealth, beauty, and so forth. They coexist well. But one day, come storm menghempas small islands and sea water suddenly rose and would sink the island. All the inhabitants of the island quickly tried to save themselves. LOVE is very confused because he can not swim and did not have a boat. He stood on the beach trying to find help. Meanwhile, the rising water soaking her feet.

Shortly LOVE to see the wealth being paddled the boat, "Wealth! Wealth! Help me!, "Cried LOVE" Ouch! Sorry, LOVE!, "Said property" and I can not take this boat later sank. Moreover, there is no place anymore for you in this boat. "Then the wealth quickly went paddling his boat. LOVE very sad, but then he saw the joy over the boat. "Fun! Help me!, "Shouted LOVE. But the excitement was too happy because he found the boat so he could hear the screams LOVE. The higher the water soaked to the waist and LOVE LOVE increasingly frantic.

Not long pass over beauty "Beauty! Take me with you!, "Cried LOVE" Wow, LOVE your wet and dirty. I can not take you away. Later you contaminate this beautiful boat, "says beauty. LOVE was so sad to hear that. He began sobbing. It was then that through the sadness "Oh sorrow, bawlah me with you!," Said Love. "Sorry LOVE. I'm sad and I want to be alone .., "said grief while continuing to pedal boat. LOVE desperate.

He felt the water getting up and going to drown. At that critical moment suddenly came the sound "LOVE! Let's quickly climbed into my boat! "LOVE turned toward the voice and quickly climbed into the boat, just before the water drowning. On the nearest island, LOVE the boat down and immediately left again. At that moment, Love realized that he did not know who helped him. LOVE immediately asked the inhabitants of the island. "What had been a TIME," said the resident was "But why did he save me? I did not recognize him. Even my friends who knew me were reluctant to help "LOVE asked surprised" For WAKTULAH ONLY KNOW HOW MUCH ARE THE REAL VALUE OF LOVE THAT "

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