August 19, 2010

Plastic Film Industry, Food Industry

Plastic film is used extensively for a variety of foods, beverages flexible packaging. According to statistics, food flexible packaging flexible packaging sales in excess of 56% of total sales. China's "Hunger breeds discontent," the traditional concepts and children, the elderly the stability of the two major consumer groups, so that one of the food packaging market potential is enormous. China's food industry has continued to maintain rapid and healthy development momentum, with a total of all industrial sectors for many years occupied the top of the national economy, in the national economy plays an important role. 

A variety of plastic film for food packaging market, the rapid growth played a different role. A variety of fresh produce, pet food, meat, poultry, seafood,  fast food products such as fast-growing market for plastic food packaging market is continually expanding; Fresh Food Packaging As people live, work pace continues to accelerate rapidly in recent years become a growing market, thus promoting the plastic wrap with a variety of feature film market development; plastic flexible packaging, while both functional and easy to access, easy to re-sealed packaging such as convenience features, combined with the market demand for a single service, as well as the products and fresh fruit packaging market expansion of plastic film market development has become one of the engines; 

The form of product packaging from the original cans into a separate bag, but also for plastic packaging provide a new opportunity for development; as raising the level of graphic design, product differentiation strengthening of pouch packaging as well as the importance of retail, seafood food on the impact of plastic packaging industry is also gradually increased. It is different from the fast food industry to promote, so that expanding the amount of plastic film applications. 

With the life, accelerating the pace of work, people have made an increasing number of food packagingrequirements, such as packaging versatility, convenience packaging, preservation, packaging and so become a new type of plastic flexible packaging of the basic requirements. At the same time, continuously higher performance features to meet the requirements for promoting the development of plastic packaging market, the fundamental driving force. 

Preservation, and packaging is the most basic requirement of food packaging. How to ensure the freshness of food as long as possible period of plastic film research and development priorities. U.S. scientists have invented a method of steaming with the plasma coated in plastic bottles to form a layer of soft polyester film, enabling bottle packs to keep food fresh. U.S. hercules company also introduced a new packaging material can be controlled with the function of the gas. This new material with small pores, can package oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange control, slow down the exchange rate, so as to achieve suppression of respiration fruits and vegetables, to fresh results.

Tianjin, China National Engineering Research Center for Preservation of agricultural products were successfully developed a nano-thin film preservation, and has passed technical appraisal. By the China National Test Center measured the amount of water vapor, through and through the coefficient, physical and mechanical strength and other indicators are in line with national health inspection standards to address the traditional varieties of fruit and vegetable wrap a single, poor ventilation, not mildew  shortcomings.

With the accelerating pace of people's lives, a variety of convenient packaging technology continues to favor by the market. Self-heating, self-cooling packaging is more convenient packaging can be described as a typical technology. With the green growing louder and louder, packaging functionality to meet under the premise of minimizing the amount of garbage generated, so that packaging film, packaging containers to the lightweight, super - thinning is especially important direction. In the lightweight, ultra-thin-oriented trend, in order to better meet the needs of different functional packaging films, compound co-extruded into the center of attention in recent years.

Production of high-barrier multi-layer co-extruded, multi-functionalflexible plastic packaging materials developed in recent years has become a hot spot at home and abroad, and the emergence of new products and new technologies. Not only high barrier film, multi-functional plastic wrap, sterile packaging films have developed rapidly, the original composite film technology is also being a deeper level. In recent years, China's film co-extruded technology has greater development, such as Guangdong Jinming Plastics Equipment Corporation developed five-layer co-extruded high barrier film coextrusion blow molding machine blow molding technology, such as Chinese-made equipment has been on the market.

Biaxially oriented film is also promoting the film market in recent years, the rapid development of an important part of. Two-way stretch and composite coextrusion technologies enable them to become functional as an important means of film production in recent years, the Chinese market is developing rapidly.

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