August 07, 2010

Changes for the future

Start today I tried to make changes slowly to change the language of this blog use English. This all started from my intention to learn English. Not easy to do all these all need a gradual process. For the initial changes in the language I use google translete then I convert it into Microsoft Word for grammar corrections.

For rastia friend not to worry because   Rastia Blog have a translator widgets provided in the upper right. This change represents an early stage as learning to get accustomed. as we all know that the English language has an important role in life now, and future. hopefully with this change provides a motivation for us all. and finally this Changes for the future. Thanks...

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Bunglon Blog Indonesia said...

wah sepertinya memang perlu google translete ne biat ngeh :D
good job dech, lanjutkan nak!
Sukses Slalu!

Goresan Tinta said...

waduh2...pake bahasa inggris ne ye
aku jadi bingung :)
ok dech cantik good luck yach

Natural Blog said...

peubahan jika mengarah kebaikan dimasa depan itu bagus ras...happy blogging :)

spirit said...

Change for the future adalah langkah baik :)

Rastia Blog said...

@: Bunglon Blog Indonesia
@: Goresan Tinta
@: Natural Blog
@: spirit
Thanks for all, aku cuma belajar harap maklum kalo banyak salah :p

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